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WireSizer is the intuitively easy tool for iOS (iPhones & iPads) and Android devices to calculate the wire gauge needed for a desired voltage drop for most common DC applications below 50 Volts. It is great for doing quick calculations when updating wiring on boats, RVs, trucks, cars, radios, or other "low voltage" applications for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

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It's important to use properly sized wire. Undersized wire can lead to equipment malfunction or failure, and oversized wire will add to cost and can be harder to work with. And unlike "online" wire gauge calculators, WireSizer will work wherever or whenever you need it.

To find your proper wire, simply select your DC voltage, your current, and the length of your circuit by "flipping" through the spinners. No keyboard input needed! WireSizer will automatically calculate the minimum wire size for different percentages of voltage drop under normal or "engine compartment" operating conditions using copper wire. Wire gauge recommendations include commonly available sizes in AWG, SAE, and ISO/Metric sizes.

WireSizer allows you to select voltages up to 50 VDC, current up to 400 amps, and total circuit length up to 600 feet, (or 200 meters).

Results calculated are for voltage drops between 1 and 20 percent (which you can "flip" through to choose the one which best fits your purpose), and commonly available wire sizes between 4/0 and 18 gauge AWG and SAE, and 0.75mm2 and 92mm2 ISO/Metric.

WireSizer will also let you select whether the wire is going to run through an engine compartment or a similarly "hot" environment, is sheathed, bundled, or in conduit, and select the wires insulation rating (60°C, 75°C, 80°C, 90°C, 105°C, 125°C, 200°C) to fine tune your results. The ambient temperature inside an engine compartment is considered 50°C, and outside is 30°C.

And finally, the voltage drop calculation results are compared with the safe current carrying capacity of the wire ("Ampacity"), to make sure the wire suggested is suitable.

For your convenience, WireSizer also includes a "materials list" so you can record your wire selections. (Not yet available for Android.)

You can optionally display fractional Amps or Watts in addition to Amps to save yourself a calculation.

WireSizer gauge calculation results meet ABYC E11 specifications (standard requirement for boats, excellent guidelines for other uses) provided you have clean connections, and are using good quality wire. ABYC specifications meet or exceed NEC where applicable, and correspond to ISO/FDIS.

Not for use with AC circuits.

To learn more about Voltage Drop, and how WireSizer can help you, please read our User Guide!

Ad free, and will cost less than the wire scraps you throw away at the end of the day.

For technical support, comments, or questions, please email us at info@WireSizer.com.

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